Signs Pointing to the Need of a Termite Inspection

Surely, you also want your property to be termite-free. Termites are the number one enemy of many homeowners. They actively look for softwood, eat voraciously behind your walls, and by the time you already suspect an issue, it is already too late. To identify where they could be nesting and feeding, understanding first the termite’s both biology and behaviour is of great importance. And termite inspection Adelaide is the only way to do that.

It is easy to call a termite home inspection to do the task for you; however, the real question is, how can you tell that you need to hire one?

  1. You reside in a property made from brick, wood, or with vinyl siding.

Building a termite-proof house is almost impossible to achieve. Termites build mud tunnels underneath the soil’s surface which allows them to bypass non-wood parts of the house structure. Undoubtedly, the structural wooden beams of your home will weaken and will collapse eventually once termites severely attack its inside.

  1. You found a termite colony.

Here in Australia, termites are found almost everywhere. These damaging wood termites live in colonies underneath the ground. And the scariest thing is that more than a million hungry termites belong in every colony.

  1. You notice visible signs of the presence of termites.

Mud tunnels, damaged wood and swarmers are some of the tell-tale signs that your home is already infested with termites. To look for sources of wood, these termites build mud tubes beneath the surface. And eventually, these tunnels will extend over the foundation walls and floor joists. Usually, the mud tubes look like the diameter of a pencil. The annoying termites will significantly travel between their underground colonies and your house through these tunnels. Termite-damaged wood sometimes has a honeycombed appearance and is usually hollowed out along the grain and has present mud in the galleries.

  1. Your neighbours have a termite problem.

Termites tend to build more mud tunnels looking for other locations once their colonies or their food source is disrupted. Swarmers from these colonies will establish a new home throughout the entire neighbourhood. So it is always ideal to call for a professional to develop a termite control plan after doing a termite home inspection.

Almost every year, over 5 billion dollars in property damage are caused by termite infestation. So If you already own a home here in Adelaide or still planning to purchase one here, it is imperative that you get termite inspection first. Take note that a reliable termite inspection Adelaide can provide you with effective termite control plans to ensure that your valuable possession. Your home will be kept safe from the threat of those annoying and silent destroyers.

The Real Value of a Building Inspection

The concept of pre-purchase building inspection is nothing new, but it is unfortunate and sad to know that not everyone is aware or understands its value. There is a valid reason behind the thought of investing in a building inspection Adelaide, and that is to guarantee that you will purchase a house or residence that’s free of any significant or severe damage,especially those involving the structural integrity of the building. If you put in plenty of effort and time to test drive a vehicle before you buy it, the same thing holds when you purchase a house. It is even more important and pressing to put in some money to pay a building inspector considering the amount involved in the purchase of a home or private property.
Working with a qualified home inspector means you have at your disposal someone who is well-equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills to dig into the significant damages and issues of a building or house. In case there are issues revealed through the property inspection report, you can then use that information to decide whether you’d go on to buy the house, ask for a discounted price, or walk away from it. It would be best if you acknowledged the importance of conducting a building inspection right before signing a contract to purchase. After all, it is the reason why it is called a “pre-purchase inspection.” Therefore,it wouldn’t make much sense to call for an inspection when you already signed the contract. Keep in mind that you no longer can go after the seller or his/her agent right after you discover as you move in that something is wrong with the house. Inspectors will work on your behalf to figure out if the damage or issue is enough for you to turn your back. If not, you can use the information found on the report as leverage to ask for a lower price, on the condition that you will cover the costs of repair.
It is important to note that the pre-purchase building inspection Adelaide service you get will cover as much ground as possible. Some people think that it only will look for defects,damages, or issues about the aesthetics and the structural integrity of the building. However, you should know that it also involves the description of the condition of the entire property,detailing which areas or components are in excellent condition and which of them need major repairs or even replacement. The only way to identify the significant issues is for you to hire a qualified inspector and not just anyone. The job of inspecting a building or property is something you cannot delegate to a realtor, building contractor,carpenter, or anyone other than someone who has the license to do it. If you choose to call someone who does not qualify, you also shouldn’t expect a comprehensive and accurate report.

Hiring a Building Inspector

Do you want to buy a new home? Then it is ideal if you look for a building inspector who will help you buy the best house. A home inspector helps you to identify problems with your new home which you can not handle on your own. So it is essential that you get a home inspector when you want to buy a new home.

You can get the inspectors by looking into the internet and hiring the right person for your home inspection. When looking for a building inspector or company, you should go for one that is near you. A home inspector who is nearby will be able to do a thorough inspection because he will be in no hurry to leave. It will enable him to identify all problems in your home.

Even though you may find a home inspector online, there are other things that you need to look into to get the right inspector. You need to check if the building inspector is licensed to carry out the home inspection. Getting a licensed inspector is essential since you may need to get an evaluation of a building’s internal structure.

The right home inspector should be qualified. He should have the necessary qualifications to be a building inspector. You may ask the inspector if they are trained and if yes then you can ask for something to prove that he is a qualified inspector. You should also ask him if he is up to date on the different housing designs since today new things come up every day.

Check if the home inspector has a good reputation. You should check if the inspector at any chance, has been involved in a case with a client. You need someone to do a good job when inspecting your home, so go for someone who is well known for his excellent deeds and not the other way around.

You should also check if the building inspector is a registered member of any organisation. There are several organisations for people involved in inspecting physical structures. Organisation membership is a clear indication that a building inspector is recognised as a qualified inspector.

When you have checked all these things in your home inspector and find that he is qualified, then you are free to choose him for the task. You need to be sure that the inspector is the right person by checking if he is qualified among other things. It is also advisable that you ask the inspector the inspection fee before the inspection starts. Ask them how long the inspection will take to be sure of the house you want to buy. Buying a new home is a long process that you need to be careful, and that is why you need a home inspector to take you through the process.

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