Welcome to Plus One Inspection

Plus One Inspection specializes in providing an engineering opinion on the condition of the home or condominium you are about to purchase.

A home is a series of systems. When one system is not functioning correctly, it can affect multiple other systems. At Plus One, we specialize in understanding those systems and providing solutions to unique problems.
While many inspections are simply a compilation of separate defects, we look into cause and effect relationships to readily correct situations. Usually we can do this during the inspection; however, sometimes we need to refer you to a specialist who may have additional expertise or equipment to pinpoint the cause and solution.

Condominium Reserve Studies

Having inspected over 10,000 homes and condominiums, Plus One Inspection can provide your Home Owner Association with the information you need for annual updates or 3-5 year on-site updates of your HOA Reserve Study. We look ahead over the next 30 years for capital expenses needed to maintain your facility and work backward to determine what amounts of money are needed annually to provide sufficient reserve funds to meet those pending expenses.