Guide To Tree Stump Removal Cost & Price

After removing that old tree in your backyard, you might assume that the work is over. So you sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of your now unobstructed yard. However, just midway into your landscape, you suddenly stop and gaze at the huge hump lying in the middle of your yard. It’s the tree stump that your tree removal service firm left behind. You remembered that they don’t offer stump removal since it’s a bigger and more complicated task. So you’re left with a massive chunk of your previous tree still stuck on the ground. You’d surely love to have it removed, but you don’t know how to.


If you’re currently in this situation, it’s time for you to call your local tree stump removal services. However, before you do, you need to know how much the service will be so you can make an accurate budget. To give you a heads up, here’s the current tree stump removal cost Sydney price:


Current Cost for Tree Stump Removal Services


The overall cost of tree stump removal depends on the situation and how your stump removal services firm assesses the situation. However, the average price to remove a tree stump currently ranges between AU$ 80 to AU$ 470. Factors that the pros need to consider are the type of stump, the status of the stump, its size, the method that your stump removal firm is going to use, and the number of workers acquired. Moreover, the average cost will break down to approximately AU$ 3 to AU$ 4 per diameter of your stump.


Hiring Professionals vs Doing It on Your Own


If you choose to do the tree stump removal on your own, you can save up to 50% the total cost of your tree stump removal project as you will no longer have to pay for a tree stump removal specialist to do the job for you. Some firms also charge their clients per hour, at approximately AU$160. So if you’re not into the additional costs of having to hire a stump removal firm, you can choose to do it on your own. However, it’s necessary that you acquire expert services if you have no idea with how you can remove your tree stump.



When hiring professional services, it’s essentialfor you to know the overall tree stump removal cost Sydney. Being aware of the exact price will give you the opportunity to make the precise estimates and come up with an ideal budget. If you’ve made up your mind, contact your local stump removal services and start negotiating now.