Signs Pointing to the Need of a Termite Inspection

Surely, you also want your property to be termite-free. Termites are the number one enemy of many homeowners. They actively look for softwood, eat voraciously behind your walls, and by the time you already suspect an issue, it is already too late. To identify where they could be nesting and feeding, understanding first the termite’s both biology and behaviour is of great importance. And termite inspection Adelaide is the only way to do that.

It is easy to call a termite home inspection to do the task for you; however, the real question is, how can you tell that you need to hire one?

  1. You reside in a property made from brick, wood, or with vinyl siding.

Building a termite-proof house is almost impossible to achieve. Termites build mud tunnels underneath the soil’s surface which allows them to bypass non-wood parts of the house structure. Undoubtedly, the structural wooden beams of your home will weaken and will collapse eventually once termites severely attack its inside.

  1. You found a termite colony.

Here in Australia, termites are found almost everywhere. These damaging wood termites live in colonies underneath the ground. And the scariest thing is that more than a million hungry termites belong in every colony.

  1. You notice visible signs of the presence of termites.

Mud tunnels, damaged wood and swarmers are some of the tell-tale signs that your home is already infested with termites. To look for sources of wood, these termites build mud tubes beneath the surface. And eventually, these tunnels will extend over the foundation walls and floor joists. Usually, the mud tubes look like the diameter of a pencil. The annoying termites will significantly travel between their underground colonies and your house through these tunnels. Termite-damaged wood sometimes has a honeycombed appearance and is usually hollowed out along the grain and has present mud in the galleries.

  1. Your neighbours have a termite problem.

Termites tend to build more mud tunnels looking for other locations once their colonies or their food source is disrupted. Swarmers from these colonies will establish a new home throughout the entire neighbourhood. So it is always ideal to call for a professional to develop a termite control plan after doing a termite home inspection.

Almost every year, over 5 billion dollars in property damage are caused by termite infestation. So If you already own a home here in Adelaide or still planning to purchase one here, it is imperative that you get termite inspection first. Take note that a reliable termite inspection Adelaide can provide you with effective termite control plans to ensure that your valuable possession. Your home will be kept safe from the threat of those annoying and silent destroyers.