Tips For Selecting The Ideal Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a serious business. Most of the time, it requires you to make crucial decisions or else you will lose, and all of your efforts will only cost you more than what was intended. For that reason, you should hire a professional realtor to help you make the best decisions. However, for you to select only the best, your real estate agent needs to have these qualities.


Nowadays, it’s hard to land a capable and reliable agent. But with a keen eye, some relevant research and good instincts, you can acquire the ideal Realtor that will get you through the entire real estate process. Here are five ways to find a professional real estate agent to help you with your realty needs.

Talk to Past Clients

One way to determine the credibility of an agent is to reach out to their past clients and ask for their feedback. Be sure to ask different questions like how did the agent handle the entire process, how much did they charge you, or how long did it take for them to buy or sell a property. Knowing these characteristics is essential in finding the best person to handle your real estate undertakings.

Check Their Previous Record

Another way to determine an agent’s credibility is to check their previous records. Determine if they have any history in license checks or disciplinary actions. A good real estate agent prospect is fully licensed and has no negative records like client complaints or disciplinary actions.

Check Their Credentials

It’s essential for Realtors to have their specialities that you can look over to determine if a potential candidate is fit for the real estate job. Your real estate agent prospect should gather all the necessary credentials first. Some designations and training that are offered here in Australia would include the following:

  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS): Real estate training in proper residential realty management.
  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) Training in conducting professional transactions & representing the client (buyers or seller).
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES): Training for adequately assisting clients who are 50 years old and beyond in the real estate process.

Besides, any real estate agent who claims to be a certified Realtor should also be a card-carrying member of the Real Estate Institute of Australia. You should verify if this by, again, looking at his or her credentials.

A knowledgeable and well-experienced agent can indeed be an asset in any real estate business. If the agent knows the property you are selling or buying and can give you some important details, you will want that agent to work for you. Make sure you weigh in on your options and choose nothing but the best.